Community Participation

The OpenELIS Community is open to participants who have an interest in supporting the Community and the OpenELIS Application.  We follow a code of conduct and have processes in place to allow members to collaborate on design and code development.  Please click on the links below to learn more about our community.

Be a part of the OpenELIS Community

The OpenELIS Community is focused on its mission to provide Open Source software that can meet the requirements for U.S. and Global public health and Clinical laboratories. We welcome new members who are interested in contributing to our mission and also those who want to learn more about OpenELIS and the laboratory community we serve.

The OpenELIS application uses open source tools for development activities and focuses on operating system and database independence. This approach has enabled the design and subsequent implementation of the system to reduce both the initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs of the system.

Application Development

Java programming language
Google Web Toolkit
Jasper Reports

Operating Systems

Windows Server (proprietary)
Windows Desktop (proprietary)
Apple (proprietary)

Database engines

Oracle (proprietary)

Community Call Minutes

The OpenELIS Foundation hosts regular monthly conference calls to discuss project status and issues that are important to the Community.

2014 Minutes

2013 Minutes

Following the principles of open source software, there is no license fee for OpenELIS. There is, however, a requirement that contributions be submitted back to the community so that all users can benefit from new ideas and new functionality.