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The internationalized version of OpenELIS is tailored for clinical, reference, and ministry of health laboratories in resource poor settings. Source code, downloadable virtual machines, demo site, and contact information are available at: https://sites.google.com/site/openelisglobal/demos

Source Code Repository: https://github.com/openelisglobal

User Guide: https://sites.google.com/site/openelisguide/ 



Global Clinical and Ministry of Health Laboratories

Market Needs

Global market needs reflect a variety of resource settings that dictate both the functionality requirements of a laboratory information system as well as the operational and technical resources available. Global requirements have identified the need for a laboratory information system that can meet the specific requirements of clinical, hospital, and national reference laboratories. Economic conditions also highlight the need to implement systems with a low initial investment and sustainable support costs. Any system that doesn’t meet the needs will have limited acceptance and leave these laboratories unable to adopt new technology necessary to address the increasing number of public health threats.

U.S. Requirements

Global clinical, hospital, and national reference laboratories have a set of unique requirements that have been designed into Global OpenELIS. The global community has requirements for testing of human samples for a specific range of human diseases clinical and pathogens as well as the demographic information that will support follow-up and treatment activities. Proper and rapid identification of disease threats is necessary to enable treatment that can reduce the impact of human disease on the entire population.