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Support Options for OpenELIS

OpenELIS Community Support

The OpenELIS Community is a skilled group of IT professionals who can answer many questions related to implementation of OpenELIS.  In addition, the community is a resource for laboratorians seeking help with questions on work flow, messaging, test setup and many other laboratory functions.  Regular monthly community calls are one available resource, however, email and telephone calls can be used when a question is more urgent.

OpenELIS Foundation Support

The OpenELIS Foundation has developed a sample proposal for the implementation of OpenELIS into U.S. Public Health Laboratory’s.  The sample proposal can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  The draft proposal provides an estimate for implementation into a standard U.S. Public Health Laboratory and includes both the infrastructure requirements as well as a time line for implementation.  However because of differences in laboratory environments a laboratory specific proposal will be prepared after a gap analysis has been performed.

OpenELIS Sample Proposal

The OpenELIS Foundation uses Foundation resources as well as resources from Certified Implementers.  Certified Implementers are firms who have the experience and qualifications to ensure successful implementations of OpenELIS.  Click on the links below to view the web sites of the current Certified Implementers

The St. John Group

J. Michael Consulting

OpenELIS Global Deployment Environment

Global OpenELIS runs on a virtual machine. This is the fastest way to get OpenELIS up and running. A virtual machine image, with instructions to run it under VirtualBox (Windows, Mac, Linux hosts all fine). Simplifying this VM so it becomes increasingly “appliance-like” is a major focus for Global OpenELIS and its users.