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The University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory celebrates the implementation of OpenELIS for environmental testing.  Click the link below to see what they have done.

U.S. Public Health Laboratories

Market Needs

Markets in the U.S. continue to show a need for laboratory information systems that are developed to meet the specific requirements of public health laboratories.  Economic conditions also highlight the need to implement systems with a low initial investment and sustainable support costs.  Any system that doesn’t meet the needs will have limited acceptance and leave public health laboratories unable to adopt new technology necessary to address the increasing number of public health threats.

U.S. Requirements

U.S. Public Health Laboratories have a set of unique requirements that have been designed into OpenELIS.  This community has requirements for testing of human samples for clinical and foodborne pathogens as well as the demographic information that will support follow-up and treatment activities.   Environmental testing is another key requirement of U.S. Public Health Laboratories to support testing of public water supplies as well as environmental contaminants that are threats to human health.  And finally, testing of newborn infants is a vital function of U.S. Public Health Laboratories.  Newborn testing provides rapid identification of a variety of hidden or rare disorders that may exist.  Newborn screening identifies hearing loss and more than 50 disorders that may affect an infant’s metabolism, endocrine system, blood, breathing, hearing, or digestion.  Proper identification of these disorders enables proper treatment and follow-up to ensure a more normal life for any affected child.



OpenELIS Documents

User Guide

There is a comprehensive OpenELIS User Guide that has been developed by the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory. Click on the link below to view or download the Guide as a PDF.

Click to View the OpenELIS User Guide


Below are two links to presentations that help explain the capabilities of OpenELIS. The first link is an Overview of OpenELIS and the second link is a presentation on Electronic Messaging in OpenELIS

OpenELIS Overview

Missouri PHLIP Presentation